Big Sox AA Medallion (Yrs 1-50)

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 Unique Big Sox AA Medallion (Yrs 1-50)

  • Give them an AA Medallion they will always remember. A unique sobriety gift for baseball fans.
  • These AA chips and medallions are BIG! They are 40mm around and 3mm thick. They truly qualify as “heavy metal”.
  • Each of these AA Coins come encased in a coin capsule. This offers years of protection.
  • The front of the AA tokens contain the first line of How It Works. The back has the Serenity Prayer with the baseball and stitching worked into the design.
  • There are no other Alcoholics Anonymous chips offered like these. Other recovery medallions are smaller and lighter with minimal design work. This AA coin will really stand out.
  • This Big Medallion Fits the Large Keychain, available here.

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