Rosie Women in Recovery Coin AA/NA Medallion (Yrs 1-50)

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Rosie Women in Recovery Coin AA/NA Medallion (Yrs 1-50) - Fancy Rosie Recovery Chip: Women in Recovery Anniversary Medallion w/the AA 3rd Step Prayer on back

Designed with strong sober women in mind, this recovery medallion features a tribute to a modern day Rosie the Riveter, a symbol of the strength and determination of women in recovery.  It will make a great recovery gift for not just Women in Recovery but anyone celebrating an Anniversary or Sobriety Birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, HA, CA or any 12-Step program.  It’s bigger and heavier than other AA and NA recovery coins and is unique in appearance.


  • These Recovery Medallions feature an updated version of Rosie the Riveter….with Strength tattoo and all!
  • A unique sobriety chip to celebrate years of being clean and sober. 
  • The 3rd Step Prayer is on the rear of this recovery chip.
  • These Large Recovery Coins are 40mm in size, 3mm thick and weigh 25 grams. 
  • Each of these sober chips comes in its own vinyl holder, protected.
  • These chips are covered front and back with epoxy.  They are smooth to the touch.  
  • This Big Medallion Fits the Large Keychain, available here.
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