9 Year Progress not Perfection AA Medallion Clearance

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9 Year Progress Not Perfection AA Medallion with slight defect on the X in the roman numeral

New!  Absolutely Beautiful Progress Not Perfection AA Medallion, signifying our willingness to grow along spiritual lines.

  • Celebrate Your Recovery with this Gorgeous Memorable Sobriety Coin!
  • Premium Tri-Plate Recovery Medallion. 
  • Unique Design and Color
  • This designer AA medallion makes a great sobriety gift.  
  • Give them a Beautiful AA chip they won’t forget!
  • RECOVERY-UNITY-SERVICE with a Colorful Green Tree (signifying our willingness to grow along spiritual lines), and Your Sobriety Year in Roman Numerals on the front.
  • Excerpts from Pg. 60 AA Big Book "...we are willing to grow along spiritual lines.  We claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection." on the back. 
    • Progress Not Perfection AA Medallion (24hr-60 Years) Coin Measures 34mm X 2mm

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