Healing Crystals for Recovery

Crystal Meanings by Color:

Healing Crystals for Recovery and Crystal Metaphysical Meanings

Use crystals with intention during meditation, place them around your home, on your body, carry them with you, use in prayer, place in a grid or circle design.

WHITE- Clear Quartz Point, the “master healer”, amplifies energy, aids memory and concentration while promoting harmony and balance.  Clear Quartz enhances spiritual growth, awareness and wisdom.  Purify & cleanse your other stones by setting them near your clear quartz point.

WHITE – Selenite Stick: Selenite helps eliminate negative energy, stress and anxiety.  A calming, cleansing stone, Selenite promotes tranquility, transformation and contact with the Divine.  Selenite is water-soluble, avoid putting it in water.  Purify & cleanse your other stones by setting them on your selenite stick.

PINK- Rose Quartz supports unconditional love for oneself and for others.  Rose Quartz helps us deal with past trauma and guilt, supporting recovery with healing, forgiving and soothing energy.

PURPLE- Amethyst is known as the “sobriety stone” because it supports inner calm and balance and helps ease irritability and temptations.  Amethyst clears anger and negativity and opens up the mind to spirituality.

BLUE - Amazonite inspires truth, honesty and self-love.  Amazonite harmonizes masculine and feminine energies, promoting harmony and balance and reducing self-destructive behavior.

BLUE -Blue Quartz alleviates fear and enhances creativity and expression. It has a balancing effect and can assist in communication and allow its owner to reach out to others. It is an uplifting stone which can aid to lift depression and restore hope, happiness and peace.

GREEN - Rhyolite carries a strong vibration for change and progress while helping to deal with challenges more calmly.  Self-respect, presence of mind and potential are supported by Rhyolite.  Cleansing and detoxifying.

GREEN - Serpentine assists in healing, emotional balance and clear thinking.   Serpentine is a cleansing stone, helping to detoxify the blood and body, releasing new energy, creativity and vitality.

YELLOW – Citrine, powered by the sun, promotes happiness and joy, increasing self-esteem and confidence.  Motivation, self-expression and concentration are supported by Citrine, as well as positivity, creativity and abundance.

ORANGE - Carnelian promotes a feeling of support, helping create positive habits and stability for long-term sobriety.  Carnelian stimulates commitment, motivation, determination and manifestation of dreams, clearing away apathy and depression and is especially good for marijuana addiction.

RED - Red Jasper encourages insight and perspective into problems and challenges, promoting peace, calm and empowerment.  Red Jasper is a grounding, healing and extremely protective stone. 

BLACK – Black Tourmaline helps with obsessive behaviors, anxiety and stress, promoting a healthy mood, improved circulation and a healthy immune system.  Black Tourmaline balances, harmonizes and protects all of the Chakras.

BLACK – Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and aids in development of emotional and physical stamina when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or change.  Black Onyx supports self-control and wise decision making.

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*Crystal Healing should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment plan. It is not meant to take the place of medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside. The information I supply herein is metaphysical in nature & does not claim to heal or cure

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