New! Big Sun and Moon AA Medallion (Yrs 1-30)

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Big Sun and Moon AA Medallion (Yrs 1-30)

Introducing the Sun and Moon Recovery Medallion, a solid and substantial larger 40mm coin crafted with precision and care. With its 3mm thickness, this heavy metal sobriety coin represents resilience and serves as a tangible symbol of one's journey towards Recovery.  Similar to the Dark Moon Square AA Medallion sold here.

  • On the front: One Day at at Time, HOW and It's always darkest before the dawn
  • Circle and triangle symbols with H O W (Honesty/Open Mindedness/Willingness) representing foundational principles of Recovery in 12 Step Programs.
  • The back of this AA coin displays the Serenity Prayer on a white brick wall. 
  • These Larger Recovery Coins are 40mm in size, 3mm thick, and weigh 30 grams.  True Heavy Metal Sobriety chips.

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